The following are a few of the client testimonials we have received.

Rev. Dr. Emery L. Ailes III of Pristine Spring Hill Baptist Church Writes

I'm over here in tears. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I'm so grateful and excited about the new website for the church.  I have to say a word backwards...WOW!!!!!!! Brother I am wonderfully in awe about such a bang up job that God has done through you. AWESOME!!!!!!! May God bless you over and abundantly above what you can ask, think or even imagine. BLessings

Rev. Dr. Emery L. Ailes Pastor, Pristine Spring Hill Baptist Church 07/30/2015

Kevin Croan of American Aqua Blasters Writes

AppDataWorks designed and built our website and we think they did a fantastic job, we appreciate all the hard work he put into the back end to make the website work so well.

AppDataWorks provided us with years of experience and expertise to build the web site and teach us how it works. Although Jerry was very busy he was enthusiastic about building our site and treated us like we were his only customer. And after the site was done he still follows up with us to make sure everything is still working like it should. Thanks Jerry Great Job.

Kevin Croan President, American Aqua Blasters 03/11/2015

Debbie Culala of Simple Elegance Writes

I must admit, every time I look at the website, I am amazed at how much more advanced and interactive it is than what I had before! Your placement and attention to detail is phenomenal.  I so appreciate everything you are doing for me and I know this will help my business grow.

Debbie Culala Owner, Simple Elegance, Hernando Beach, FL 10/21/2014

David Ely of Fluoropolymer Resources, LLC writes

I have known and worked with Jerry and AppDataWorks since 2003. His abilities as an IT professional are unmatched. The projects that we completed in 2013 delivered superb results: making it easy to manage quality control data, R&D products, financial reporting and product specifications in a technology oriented manufacturing operation.

What sets Jerry apart is a unique combination of technical and communication skills. He is a master at distilling complex technical issues into simple explanations. On the technical skill side, Jerry is well versed in many platforms – and has demonstrated the ability to go out and quickly learn what is needed if the technical knowledge is not in his current wheelhouse. He therefore delivers a complete package to his clients. His documentation and instructions for managing his software creations are complete and well organized. His communications, be it email or phone discussions are precise and to the point.

In short, Jerry can be depended upon to deliver results and make a custom software project a pleasant experience along the way.

David G. Ely President, Fluoropolymer Resources, LLC 10/04/2014

Bob Webb of Bobb Webb Images writes:

Jerry and AppDataWorks created my website with links to my social media. His knowledge and professionalism far exceeds anyone I have seen in his field. My internet presence and sales have greatly increased due directly to Jerry's help. Five stars all the way.

Bob Webb Owner, Bob Webb Images 10/03/2014

Angela Welsh of The Life Center of Hernando writes:

Jerry Boutot and AppDataWorks have been a crucial resource for The Life Center of Hernando.  As a non-profit organization running a transitional housing shelter for young moms and their children our website is a critical tool for enabling donations to be made easily and consistently.  When we found ourselves in a situation where our website needed  extensive and costly repairs, Jerry stepped up and totally reformatted and migrated the entire website to a new, more practical platform and provided training for The Life Center volunteers so we could manage the new site.   The extent of Jerry's knowledge regarding the website is second only to his knowledge about web-based marketing and search engine optimization.  With Jerry's help we have been able to relaunch our website and our social media presence has increased ten-fold.  He linked all our social media tools and created an internet environment that is user-friendly and accessible. Because of AppDataWorks, The Life Center has a growing presence and following on facebook and Twitter and our website is now active, informative and efficient.

Because of my positive experience with AppDataWorks, I plan on utilizing their services for my own small business in 2015. Thank you Jerry Boutot!

Angela Welsh Board Secretary & Public Relations Officer, The Life Center of Hernando 10/02/2014

Barbara LeMoine of The Life Center of Hernando writes:

As I prepare for this evening’s meeting with you, I have been reflecting on just how much you have given to The Life Center of Hernando. From the moment we first met you at our ribbon cutting, you have consistently offered your service, skill and patience.

I’m sure none of us will ever forget the dark snare in which our website was trapped. You were able to reclaim our website for us and have continued to help us restore and upgrade it ever since. You have given countless hours to patiently teach us the basics while gently correcting our mistakes. You have made suggestions for improvements that have only cost you more hours as you walked us through each step.

We could never pay you enough for all you have given us: your expertise, your time and your insight. The help you have provided was not something that you learned in a classroom. The help you provided came from your heart and from your years of experience.

I can’t begin to list everything you have done for The Life Center of Hernando. However, a few acts have special meaning for us. You helped us get a radio spot. You helped us get all of our past newsletter converted for inclusion on the website. You send us “no brainer” instructions and then painstakingly re-worded and resent those same instructions without complaint when we just didn’t “get it” the first time.

You have given up personal time to hold teaching sessions with us. Tonight will be another session. I’m sure you will have new material for us to learn. You will answer all of our questions. You will offer to do for us those things we are not yet ready to do alone. You will continue to be your awesome self.

I’m sure you always give your customers much more than they actually pay for. www.lifecenterofhernando.com is a site we are proud to direct people to. Once again, we offer our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

Barbara Lemine Director, The Life Center of Hernando 10/02/2014

Roberta Kaplan C.P.A., Director of Business Intelligence at Constar International (Retired) writes:

I worked closely with Gerald Boutot on several projects for multiple clients over a 10+ year  period. We worked together almost constantly for the whole period. He is prompt, thorough, documents his work (unlike many developers). He takes pride in his work and instead of just doing a job, he works to understand the job, the meaning of the data and the relationships between the data elements so that when he works with the data he can validate logically.  He applies that level of pride and diligence to any work he does. We developed a full data warehouse for business intelligence with a multitude of data sources, a data gathering system with inputs for a variety of types of users and a logistics management system among other things. One of the hardest things about my retirement is not working with Jerry on a day to day basis.

Roberta Kaplan, C.P.A. Director of Business Intelligence (former), Constar International 06/16/2014

Kevin Spiddle of SpeedNet Direct writes:

As founder and President of Winners Circle Software, Inc., a software developer whose products include the Speednet Direct Race Management software which is currently used by over 450 race tracks and racing series in North America, I wish to offer my highest professional recommendation of Jerry Boutot, Owner of AppDataWorks, LLC. in Spring Hill, Florida.

After the untimely death of my business partner, who had invested over a decade developing software products for our company, we needed someone who could pick up where he left off in order to keep our company viable. That search led us to Jerry Boutot of AppDataWorks, LLC. who has been instrumental in helping our company to move forward in a less-than-ideal situation.

In addition to utilizing his considerable database development skills, our project required Jerry to quickly learn the idiosyncrasies of a development tool that he had no experience with and perform extensive forensic analysis of software code developed over a 13 year period. As if all of that wasn’t challenging enough, he had a very tight budget to work within.

Jerry’s talents have enabled us to retain our position as the leading race management software developer in the North American motorsports market. Our confidence in his abilities has given Winners Circle Software, Inc. a renewed sense of optimism as we move forward.

I am confident that anyone seeking a skilled software professional, who genuinely cares about his clients, would be more than satisfied with the services of Jerry Boutot at AppDataWorks, LLC.

Kevin Spiddle President, SpeedNet Direct and Winners Circle Software 04/22/2014

Jack Sprague of Constar International writes:

Having worked with Jerry from 2005 to 2012 on a series of projects I have come to know his work quite well. He has been a valuable part of projects large and small. Working remotely, he has been able to work efficiently as part of a team as well as leading projects as necessary.

He has excellent analytical sills and is detail oriented. He has a very logical approach to his work and is very collaborative once a problem has been outlined. He also has excellent technical knowledge in a variety of programming disciplines. He is capable in all aspects of new project work as well as ongoing software life-cycle management. I would recommend Jerry to anyone seeking a top level developer.

Jack Sprague IT Manager (former), Constar International 04/22/2014

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