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red-software-button-250x250We offer Custom Software Development services in Microsoft Technologies. We build custom desktop software applications connected to corporate database servers that can be accessed by literally hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously. Custom software is typically software that is used to manage and maintain data specific and unique to your individual business. We also  build hybrid rich-client/xml web services applications and background service applications.

AppDataWorks, LLC has many years of experience with Custom Software Development . Among the various areas of expertise we bring to the software development projects we work on for our clients are:

Visual Basic.NET Desktop Apps

Desktop Applications are robust, rich-client applications that are compiled and run using the processing power of an individual user’s desktop computer. Our consulting services can design, develop and deploy scalable, multi-user, rich client desktop applications that connect to SQL Server or Microsoft Access MDB databases and are written in Visual Basic.NET. Desktop applications primarily run inside an organization and assist in the automation of business management tasks.

Hybrid Rich-Client/XML Web Services Applications

Our consulting services can build fully functional, rich-client desktop applications that can be installed and run on any client PC with an Internet connection. Using XML Web Services for the Data Tier of the application, these applications can access and update remote data in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Background Service Process Apps

These specialized applications typically run on a server and perform background processing. They normally do not have a User Interface and are not like any other type of applications. You can see examples of these in the Services applet in Windows. You can start, pause, resume, and stop these services with a common dialog box. Depending on how the service is programmed, it can be built to check for and process parameter values on startup. Using the Services Dialog, you can enter startup parameters that control specific startup behavior, such as debugging or verbose logging, for instance. We can build service processes and have also built reusable, sophisticated technology that can allow a user to interact with and issue commands to a running process. Typical uses of custom service process applications are importing, exporting, or updating data between servers and data sources, uploading files to an FTP on a schedule, checking for changes in a database table that could trigger some processing, sending email alerts to specific users on errors and other specific conditions, etc.

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