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red-shopping-cart-button-250x250Online Marketing is a term that encompasses a very wide range of technologies and disciplines. From using email for direct response marketing, to lead generation using landing pages to give away specialized content or free stuff in exchange for contact information, to inbound marketing, content marketing, article marketing, social media marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and marketing media, there is so much to know and understand that it can be quite a challenge to set all of these parts up properly so they all work together to benefit your business and help it grow. We don’t look at any one of these Online Marketing technologies as a stand alone solution. None of them can be used by themselves, out of context from the rest. We look at the whole picture as an online marketing framework. We address each businesses needs as a completely unique set of requirements and we built our clients online presence to accommodate the most important aspects of these “moving parts” of online marketing. Some businesses are better suited for reports and white papers. Some need video. Some absolutely must use photos. Every business needs to build a mailing list, but the techniques are going to be very specific to the business.

We couldn’t be more excited about the awesome and growing opportunities that exist for all businesses to benefit from when embracing and using Online Marketing and Media strategies. AppDataWorks, LLC can not only assist you in understanding and defining your Online Marketing and Media options and strategies, we can teach you how to use them for yourself or we can do it all for you.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is no longer about purchasing lists and sending out spam in the hopes that you get a few sales. It’s about list building, customers that opt in to your list, and selling to that list.

  • List Building – It all starts with the list. If you have one already and are already associated with a list service like AWeber, Constant Contact or MailChimp, for instance, we can work with that. We build one or more “funnels” that will take advantage of your Web Site, Social Networks, etc. and make your mailing list signup form appear everywhere that it can appear.
  • Landing Pages – these are highly specialized pages that have only one purpose: to collect email addresses and names. Usually they are associated with some type of Value Proposition which gives people a reason to get on your list. Typically this is a Free PDF with informative content, a Video, or an MP3.
  • Autoresponders – Autoresponders are a series of emails designed to go out to a subscriber from the first moment that they verify their subscription to your mailing list. You may send out a weekly email with a pre-determined serious of training material, for instance. Autoresponders are set up to go out on intervals after the initial welcome email is sent, and can be configure do only send email on specific days of the week, at specific times, and make sure that a specific number of days is reached since the last email.
  • List Segmenting – List Segmenting is done in several ways, but the most common method is putting a special code on each of your sign-up forms so you know where the list member originated. Further segmenting can be done using information tied to the user account, like their City and State if you collect that, or when they signed up.
  • Newsletters – Newsletters are broadcast messages that go out to ALL users at the same time, regardless of when they signed up. Newsletters are typically crafted and sent out on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, or sent ad-hoc whenever you need to communicate something important like a special sale for example.
  • Blog Broadcasts – This is a special kind of email that you can have sent every single time you write a blog post. You don’t have to do anything except set this up in advance, and then go about the business of blogging.
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the “marketing for the long haul” strategy that ensures that you and/or your business is seen as a real business, an authentic expert in your field, and a knowledgeable and trusted source of information in your field. Link Farming, Keyword Stuffing, and other dishonest practices no longer work to bring sites up in the search rankings. The only way to legitimately bring a web site up in rankings is to continually create content that people are searching for. We can help you do this in the following ways:

  • Blogging – Writing blog posts that show your expertise in your area of business, review tools and web sites related to your business, etc.
  • Article Marketing – Writing articles that are published by eZines (print magazines too – most of them have e-versions of articles that appear in print) or picked up from article repositories like
  • Comment Marketing – Selectively commenting on other blogs, articles, etc. and offering an expert point of view. Normally you have a user account with links back to your site, but in some cases you can just comment and place a link, although this is less common and risks your post being viewed as spam if you aren’t a registed member of the site.
  • Reviews – Reviewing products that you purchase or own. Again, you would normally have an account with links back to your site, or a signature line that allows a link. If you are a registered member you can most likely place a link at the end of the review without incurring any moderation or exclusion for spam.
  • Videos – Creating YouTube videos with instructions, How-To, Interviews, Webinars… these are all great ways to increase your exposure, increase your credibility, and gain familiarity with your users. Once people recognize you and trust you, they will be more likely to purchase whatever it is that your business has to offer.
  • S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization. We’ve all heard of it. Some times we know what it means, but rarely do we know what it is or how to control it. There are many companies out there that do nothing but S.E.O., and the results are never guaranteed. Most of what they do is the rest of what you see on this page. But you need to have an S.E.O. Strategy that at least has these components to it: relevant keywords in the title and description, and content that reflects or enhances those keywords. We have specialized tools that can help us “pan for gold nuggets” to help make sure your content has Search Engine friendly components.
Social Media Marketing

If you don’t know what Social Media is, then you really need our Marketing services! All jokes aside, we can help you with utilizing Social Media to help build your brand in the online world.

  • Facebook – You need a good page, content for the page, and advertising that drives people to your landing page. You don’t pay for page likes. Page likes are irrelevant unless they are actual customers.
  • Twitter – You need to use Twitter to keep your brand in the eyeballs of as many people as possible. We can help craft a strategy which leverages the constantly evolving trends. We can also set up automatically messaging followers and vetting followers for follow-back.
  • Google+ – Similar to Facebook, but we hook your web site, facebook, twitter, and YouTube accounts to Google+ to really give your brand some credibility as a real entity, which goes a long way towards helping with rankings. Also, for local businesses that take foot traffic, we help you get on Google Maps and get verified so that your business comes up in mobile searches on Google Maps, for example.
  • Linked In – If nothing else, you need to create a LinkedIn profile and be able to be found there. Beyond that, it truly is a professional networking site and many employers look for qualified candidates there and many very talented people create presences there to meet and network and grow their careers.
  • YouTube – Every business should be showing off their stuff on YouTube. Give people free advice, free how-to’s, and they will love you, subscribe to you, and if they ever need a service and you provide it, they’re not going to go looking in the Yellow Pages for it, they will think of you and feel confident they are attempting to engage with a true expert in the field of (whatever it is you do!).

If you have a line of products you want to sell – Musicians, Artists, Photographers, Cottage Industries… if you own any kind of small business and want to get online and sell your products, we can help with that. We can help get you set up selling on eBay or Amazon Marketplace, for instance, or we can set you up your own store complete with Affiliate Tracking and PayPal Integration. We can show you how to do it right and leverage it with your other online marketing efforts.

  • Affiliate Marketing – become an affiliate of a product you like or can stand behind and sell it and make a commission.
  • Joint Venture Marketing – find a business associate you can partner up with and market each others products. You can take a percentage of sales or just get the benefit of free marketing.
  • Product Sales – Sell your own products with your own shopping cart. You get all the proceeds (unless you have affiliates selling for you, in which case you are probably making more money and sales).
  • Infomarketing – Selling knowledge and expertise. This is usually associated with eCourse and eLearning. Market some free information in exchange for a subscription to your mailing list, then sell them your paid subscription site or one-time eLearning course.
    • eCourses – usually a fixed set of lessons that you sell for a one-time fee.
    • eLearning – typically a membership site with a monthly fee where members can expect new and valuable information on a regular basis.
Marketing Media

Everything discussed on this page requires or involves some kind of marketing media, and we would not be able to do this kind of work if we could not also supply the means to create this media. We either design it ourselves or we get our business partners involved if necessary.

  • Digital Recording – Audio Recording, MIDI Programming, Mixing, and Mastering
  • Graphic Design – Album Covers, Facebook Page graphics, Facebook Ad Graphics, Google AdWords banners, Logos, T-Shirts, Brochures, Signs… we design it ourselves or we get our business partners involved if necessary.
  • Photography – Everything from head shots to candid shots of live events
  • Ad Copy – We can help write the advertising copy for your online facebook and google ad campaigns, sales pages, landing pages, and product pages in e-stores.
  • Whiteboard Video Sales Ads – you know those cool whiteboard ads where the hand is drawing the pictures while a narrator is speaking to you? In some studies, those videos convert visitors anywhere from 50% to 300% more effectively, depending on the quality of the video and the quality of the sales copy. We can work with you to produce these whiteboard videos, helping your landing pages to convert more. More conversions means more sales and more for your bottom line.
  • Video Content – We have everything from multiple track professional video editing software with lots of available effects, screen capture, live or staged musical performances, seminars, etc.
    • Training & HowTo – We can assist in the creation of training videos for internal training in manufacturing businesses, training videos for eCourses and eLearning sites
    • Interviews – We can stage, video capture, and edit interviews for YouTube or Podcasting
    • Sales (Web & TV commercials & infomercials) – Web commercials, TV commercials, Infomercials
  • Podcasting – We can record podcasts, podcast inverviews or just take the audio from various sources and professionally master it for a top quality podcast product
  • Webinars – Webinars are becomming a very popular free offering that creates credibility and helps businesses market their products through soft sales.

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