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red-pie-chart-button-250x250With over a decade of experience in SQL Server database development, working with SQL Server since SQL 7.0, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, and SQL 2008 (and beyond), we are experts with SQL Server design, development, deployment, change management, and database replication. We’ve built database systems with thousands of objects, systems that replicated data between several countries, and systems that were accessed by hundreds of users in several worldwide manufacturing facilities.

AppDataWorks, LLC has many years of experience in the Software Development and Database Design fields. Among the various areas of expertise we bring to the projects we work on for our clients are:

Database Design & Development

In the business environment, the database is the heart of any business application, whether a rich-client desktop application or a thin-client web application. It is absolutely critical that the database is designed properly and precisely modeled after your companies business rules and workflow. AppDataWorks, LLC’s consulting services custom business application solutions are developed around properly designed databases. We don’t just connect to them. We build them from the ground up. Whether you choose to use the smaller scale and less robust Microsoft Access MDB database, or go with a fully secured, robust, and resiliant Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) like SQL Server, we can design your database and develop it for you.

SQL Server Systems Analysis

If you have a SQL Server database or databases that you would like analyzed for proper design, security, or any other issues including performance, bottlenecks, slow processing or responsiveness, or any other reason we can assist with an analysis. Typically, clients have hired us to find out why a certain application is performing poorly, or a set of processes runs too slowly. Many times a carefully placed index can solve the problem, as well as performance enhancements on tables referred to as “Statistics”.

SQL Server Database Security & Database Administration

You may already have a client/server application using SQL Server as it’s back-end database, and you need to create and maintain proper security access to the database and segment the viewing, inserting, updating, and deletion of data based on a defined set of criteria that is based on the identity of the logged-in user who is interacting with the database. For example, you may have sales people that can enter a sale into the database, but they do not have the authority to delete a record of a sale. This type of security can be set up and is identity based and ties in with Windows NT Users and Groups, as well as Domain Users and Groups. We typically set up special groups at the server and/or domain level and define the security settings for that group. Users can then be added to, removed from, or moved between groups for instant security access modifications without having to make any changes at the SQL Server level.

SQL Server Database Replication

We’ve been involved in Database Replication for many years and have not only set up replication between multiple servers in different countries, but we’ve also had experience and great success in migrating replicated databases to new servers during upgrades to new hardware. This is not an area that can be ventured into lightly. There are a lot of moving parts to a replication topology and very complex considerations for things like auto-numbers and how they are handled on different servers so duplicate keys are not created.

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