With WordPress positioned nicely as the de-facto standard for blog based SEO Optimized websites, with estimates as high as 60-70 percent of new websites being built on the very flexible and extendible platform, and professional IT services companies like AppDataWorks offering WordPress site development as the “go to” platform for all small businesses with most requirements, almost anything you can think of other than the most unique and custom type of web application can be built in WordPress. Even totally custom sites with custom data and completely custom (never before seen) types of data and displays, if you want to program all of the php for it.

I created this WordPress Overview Video because my clients are always wanting to try and take over their own blogging and page maintenance, and I can’t blame them. I do a lot of ad-hoc training and so I thought I’d start producing a video series for clients and anyone else that wants a down to earth perspective on wordpress and how regular people want to use it (not the real programming geeks – business owners and web developers that have to develop really awesome websites on a budget).

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Jerry Boutot is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). He owns AppDataWorks, LLC, which develops custom solutions for Desktop Software, Web Applications, Database Systems, and Online Marketing Solutions.

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